Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

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Be sure to have the maximum in performance and control for your online project by choosing a pre-configured dedicated server or by selecting parts for building it as you wish


Starter Series

  • Dedicated Servers Intel ® Core i3
  • SATA / SSD - 240 GB a 4 TB
  • 2 a 16 GB

Dedicated Servers from


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Advance Series

  • Dedicated Servers Intel ® Core i5
  • SATA / SSD - 240 GB a 4 TB
  • 4 a 32 GB

Dedicated Servers from


x mes

High-End Series

  • Dedicated Servers Intel ® Core i7
  • SATA / SSD - 240 GB a 4 TB
  • 4 a 32 GB

Dedicated Servers from


x month


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Need help to take the best option for your project?


Your server, right now!

Once the payment is confirmed, your dedicated server will activate immediately and the access data to use it will be sent to your email account within 15 minutes.

If you need any special or unusual setup, the activation time may be longer according with the complexity of the requirements. However, we will do our best so you can use it as soon as possible.

By your side... all the time

Cuando contratas un servidor en DonWeb no sólo obtienes tecnología de punta y la mejor infraestructura, además sumas 15 años de experiencia a tu proyecto online.

Preferential help, account executives and a highly specialized experts team are waiting for you at the Helpdesk ready to give you advice and rapid and effective responses 24 hours a day. If you open a query on December 31th at midnight, you will receive a quick response.

In addition, consultancy in Spanish, English or Portuguese and access to an incredible FAQ's and tutorials bookshop.

With your favourite platform!

By the time you contract your dedicated server you have the chance to choose between various operative systems, distributions and different versions.

Develop your project or application with the most popular platforms and with those that are new and innovative.

  • Linux (CentOS / Ubuntu Server / Debian GNU / OpenSUSE)
  • Windows Server 2012
  • LAMP, Ruby y Node.JS, entre otras.
  • PHP, ASP, .NET, MySQL, SQL Server, JAVA, Python, etc.

Highly speed and no interruptions

The most important three carriers in the region converge with their optic fibres at our Data Centers redundantly, assuring you of the most speedy, secure and reliable connectivity.

With uptime of 100% for the last three years, our networks will make that your project accessible to everyone, all the time.

Our datacenter infrastructure is entirely developed on a Gbps network providing you with unlimited growth.

Maximum availability

Nuestros datacenters World Class disponen de servicios redundanten+1assuring that your business will be online even if something fails.

To have critical services such as redundant cooling, electric supply and connectivity means that, if there is the failure of one or more of them, there will always be an immediate replacement (Fail Over) that allows everything to keep functioning normally.

Your peace of mind guaranteed...

The service includes updating and applying patches on pre-installed software in your server (SO, control panel, services, etc.) giving all the security and performance that your online company needs.

Además cuentas con el MONITOREO PROACTIVO GRATUITO del estado de los servicios más críticos de tu servidor dedicado para poder actuar con rapidez en caso de falla.

  • Ping
  • Red
  • HTTP
  • CRON
  • MySQL
  • FTP
  • Control Panel

Safety first

Los servidores dedicados que contratas en DonWeb son pre-configurados en forma segura utilizando técnicas de restricción, Hardening Stack TCP/IP e incluyen herramientas como FireWall y antivirus entre otras.More info

In addition, and if you wish, we can apply all the updates and security patches to the pre-installed software (OS, desktop, services, etc.).

We take responsibility for

If any inconvenience or flaws arises with the server hardware, we take responsilibity of replacing the affected part or the entirety of the equipment if needed, within the 4 hours of the incident.
Of course, the cost of the replaced hardware it's on us.

Dedicated resources and total control

Dedicated servers at DonWeb are just that... hardware, IP's and resources exclusively for you. That is why you have access to and total control over your server.

Remote Access

  • Linux Server SSH with root user privileges
  • Windows Server Terminal Services / Remote Desktop with Administrator privileges

UNLIMITED Control Panel

You have the possibility to include in your dedicated server, and for free, the Ferozo hosting control panel.

Manage your server from a simple and intuitive panel, developed by ourselves thinking about you and your business.

If you use other panels such as Cpanel or Plesk, you can do it, as well.

Software licenses

All's servers include on the total amount the necessary software and the corresponding license, either operative system or Hosting Control Panel. This provide your busines the ideal legal frame, and the peace you need.




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