DattAdmin. Your clients management made Simpler!


The tool you were waiting for

We develop for you the tool that allows you to manage your cliente in an comprehensive, simpel and intuitive way.

We provide you lost of reasons to use a tool that will make easier the management of your business.

DattAdmin is a free solution that we developed thnnking of you from our experience. It will allow you to centralize your clients management, their current accounts, offer your products and services, and provide support in a proffesional and intuitive enviroment.


  • Customers management.

    Manage your clients

    Create, import and export clients. Modify your data from an intuitive and simple interface. Interact with them giving them a Client Area totally customizable and with your brand.

  • HelDesk System

    Offer support to them.

    Manage the inquiries from your clients through a professional Help Desk system or including contact forms on your site ready to use easily and rapidly.

  • Payment and current accounts management

    Manage your payments and current accounts.

    Generate and manage current accounts from your clients in a totally automatic way. You can also receive payment reports from your clients.

  • Services and products catalog

    Offer them your products and services.

    Create a catalog of your products and/or services for your clients to be able to buy them directly from their Client Area.

  • White-label Email Marketing reselling

    Sell Email Marketing with your brand.

    Offer your clients the chance to make Email Marketing with the best tool in the market and with your brand. They can hire the service to you directly from their Client Area.

  • Contact forms, alerts, notifications.

    Contact with them

    Through automatic notices and warnings or take advantage of the integration with EnvialoSimple for sending emails with special offers, deadline notices or information, payment coupons, etc.


In addition...

  • Totally free.

  • White Label for you to place your logo.

  • Completely configurable.

  • Integrated with EnvialoSimple.com.

  • Total Acces via web.

  • Automated notices and warnings.



DattaAdmin es una herramienta que evoluciona constantemente a través del feedback de los mismos usuarios, así que esperamos tus sugerencias desde aquí.

Comienza a utilizarla hoy mismo desde tu Area de Cliente.

You can

  • Manage your clients and their information

  • Upload clientes on large scale through a
    CSV file

  • Offer access to your clients with your brand

  • Manage your current accounts efficiently

  • Send advertisement and alerts through e-mail in an automatic

  • Configure and personalize the emails of the system

  • Customize the application with a subdomain,
    your logo and colors to choose

  • Receive payments vouchers

  • Add payment methods for selection when
    reporting a payment.

  • Resell the best Email Marketing service
    with your brand and domain anonymous.

  • Generate contact forms of public

  • Integrate it with your EnvialoSimple.com account
    to send you programmed information, promos, notices
    and more.

  • Export data from the checking account to
    a file XLS

  • Make advanced searches of clients,
    current accounts' movements, reports
    of payment and support inquiries

  • Configure the relevant information that
    you want to enter to the application

  • Customize the home pages of your
    clients with the content you choose

  • Access to the applciation from any
    browser with Internet connection

  • Create, manage and sell your products and
    services to your clients


Your clients can

  • Access to an application with your brand

  • Report you on its payments

  • Look over yout current accounts

  • Update your personal and tax information

  • To be informed on its deadlines

  • Receive notifications and alerts personalized
    with YOUR brand

  • Buy your products or services

  • To send you inquiries through a Help Desk

  • Communicate with you through public contact

  • Export data from your checking account to
    a file XLS

  • Access to the applciation from any
    browser with Internet connection

  • Use an email marketing tool
    with your brand

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