About Us

Who develop DonWeb.com

"Because a dream can be achieced"

When we began with DonWeb.com, we had a big dream, a lot of ideas and attitude to carry them out.

DonWeb.com knocked down the barrier of an Internet for many and created a paradigm of an Internet for all the people. We know that this task will not be easy, however, our vision on the future and perseverance were stronger than any obstacle.

We know there may be slips, there may be mistakes, but with the necessary intelligence and determination to act, the most daring goals can be achieved.

Today, we can see that part of the dream we had from the beginning came true. That won't stop us. We look forward and go for more. Because a dream is possible to be achieved.

Guillermo Tornatore
CEO & Founder - DonWeb.com

About Us

Starting our activities in the city of Rosario, Argentina, in March 2002, we have reached an extraordinary development, and we became the Web Hosting and Domain registration company with the major expansion of the Spanish-speaking market

We are the Webhosting company with the largest volume on Latin America, with a leadership position included in the Area.

We are based on a Fair Prices Policy, within the simplicity of our services use and with a constant improvement attitude that involves every memeber of your company.

Our working team consists of highly trained professionals with important talents and ability for teamwork.

In DonWeb.com we believe that people who make a difference are those who work to provide a unique experience to our clients. We valorate our human capital, we think that it is essential to achieve success in our goals as a company.

Those who choose us count on the technological support of a leader company of the region. Leadership guaranteed by the fact that we currently own more than 79%of the Web hosting market from Argentina. We are one of the 25 World's registering entities of fastest growth.

Our mission is to make of Internet a simpler experience for the people.

Our values are:

  • Make the right thing
  • Respect for the other, always leaving positive and long-lasting memories on others
  • To be better than today
  • Being successful as a team and standing out as individuals
  • Responsibility, innovation and passion for work
  • Sustain the company economy

Política de Calidad, Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo

DonWeb by Dattatec establece como política de gestión de acuerdo a nuestro compromiso asumido con la Calidad, Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (SST), y con el objetivo de alcanzar la SATISFACCIÓN DEL CLIENTE, el siguiente concepto directo a todos los procesos de la organización:


Este concepto, aplicado en un marco de mejora continua y de cumplimiento de las normativas aplicables a las actividades que desarrollamos nos permitirá alcanzar nuestros objetivos como organización:

  • Optimización de procesos de atención al cliente y simplificación de etapas de acción.
  • Generación de soluciones propias minimizando la dependencia hacia proveedores.
  • Investigación constante para nuevos desarrollos y oportunidades de negocios relacionados con el mercado tecnológico.
  • Evolucionar permanentemente en la relación precio calidad.
  • Realizar todas las actividades en condiciones de trabajo seguro y saludables con el objetivo de prevenir la ocurrencia de accidentes o enfermedades profesionales, eliminando los peligros y reduciendo los riesgos aplicables a nuestra actividad.
  • La Dirección se compromete a Cumplir con los Requisitos Legales Aplicables y asignar recursos para la identificación y que los mismos tengan un tratamiento adecuado.
  • Dentro de nuestro Sistema de Gestión, la direccion se compromete a garantizar la información, consulta y participación de nuestros empleados.
  • Así mismo La Dirección se compromete a destinar recursos para la mejora continua de los dos sistemas de gestión.

La Dirección
Diciembre de 2019

Our Staff

We who work at DonWeb.com are aligned to common goals and related to the company growth. These aims are possible thanks to the people who are part of a highly qualified professional team and, most of all, share the same values that guide the culture of our company.

Organigrama DonWeb

¿Quieres formar parte de nuestro equipo? TrabajaEnDonweb.com


Landmarks of our History

  • 2015

    15 de Enero

    Con tecnología propia logramos reducir entre un 40 y 70 por ciento el consumo de energía gracias a dos novedosos sistemas de enfriamiento para nuestros datacenters. Conoce más.


    17 de noviembre

    Recertificamos las normas IRAM ISO 9001 (Calidad); ISO 14001 (Medio Ambiente) y OHSAS 18001 (Seguridad e Higiene Laboral). De esta manera seguimos fortaleciendo nuestro compromiso con el medio ambiente, la calidad y la seguridad, logrando un Sistema Integrado de Gestión Trinorma.

    30 de octubre

    Presentamos DonWeb Radio, una plataforma audiovisual para informarte durante las 24 horas acerca de las últimas novedades del mundo tecnológico, disfrutar de buena música e interactuar dentro de nuestra comunidad.

    October 7

    Lanzamos la aplicación para móviles de EnvialoSimple, nuestra poderosa herramienta de Email Marketing, que le permite a los usuarios gestionar y administrar sus campañas desde cualquier lugar.

    September 30

    Renovamos por completo el sitio web de PuntoDominios, espacio dedicado a las novedades de la industria de los dominios en Internet.

    September 15

    Nuestro servicio de Web Hosting compartido ahora es "All Inclusive e Ilimitado". Seguimos innovando y presentamos el renovado Plan Inicio.

    August 20

    Creamos DonWeb Mobile Dev, donde encontrarás las últimas novedades del mercado de aplicaciones para móviles, y recibirás consejos y tips de nuestros expertos.

    August 8

    Nace Cloud Servers, el servicio de hosting en la nube que le permite a los usuarios disponer de su propia infraestructura y crecer sin limitaciones. En DonWeb no paramos y seguimos estando a la vanguardia.

    July 30

    Lanzamos el servicio CDN DonWeb, el primero enfocado y especializado en Latinoamérica. Esta herramienta aumenta la velocidad de carga de los sitios web acercándolos geográficamente a su público objetivo.

    July 22

    Inauguramos el sitio Preguntas DonWeb, el foro técnico en el que nuestros especialistas responderán todas tus preguntas sobre cuestiones técnicas y de desarrollo. Un nuevo espacio para la Comunidad DonWeb.

    July 15

    Creamos la Agencia de Noticias Tecnológicas de DonWeb, primera en Latinoamérica pensada exclusivamente para medios y periodistas especializados. La tecnología no se detiene y la información tampoco.

    June 17

    DonWeb Free dynamic DNSservice is born. We keep innovating and present the remote access tool, available for all kinds of devices.
    With the launch of this service, the mobile apps team finishes its first creation.

    June 13

    ¡Nueva plataforma para Revendedores de SitioSimple! Ofrece a tus clientes un servicio único, con todo el respaldo que brinda nuestro poderoso constructor de páginas web.

    June 2

    We renewd and launched the pages of Exchange E-mail and DonWeb Wordpress Hosting.

    May 28

    The apps for mobiles od DonWeb department is formed. Once again, we will be hiring highly qualified, talented professionals to make easier your experience on the internet.

    May 20

    The Dattacenter Mariano Moreno that started working in March 2013 reached 400 servers.

    March 14

    We create a web site dedicated servers. There, you can find or configure the dedicated server that you need.

    February 27

    Lanzamos el nuevo sitio Héroes DonWeb (http://heroesdonweb.com), people with a DonWeb. At DonWeb we are aware that the progress is a task of all of us and we feel responsible for the change.

    February 17

    After more than 12 years, our site stopped using the domain Dattatec.com to start using DonWeb,com, in accordance with the change of name that we have been introducing from the beginning of 2013.

    February 1

    Lanzamos el sitio DonWebAyuda.com totally renewed.You can find answers, manuals, tutorials and everything you need to make the best of our services and you can make out of the Internet a simpler experience.

    January 27

    We started building our first Dattacenter called "Zonda", which will have capacity for 160 servers.

    January 1

    DonWeb had its first participation on the largest and the most difficult rally of the world with its Mercedes Benz 1844 truck. After adding experience to the competition and true to our style, the DonWeb Dakar Team is getting ready for the next year.
  • 2013

    December 13

    We built DonWeb Dakar Team which will run the Dakar 2014 in the truck class with a Mercedes Benz. We become part of this great asventure with the object to support talentive athletes who, like every member of DonWeb staff, make an effort to achive their dreams

    November 3

    Now the email marketing is 100% visual. We created a new application called Mosaico, which solves the problem of image block in different mail clients.

    October 1

    Dattatec ahora es DonWeb:In a strategic decision of the copany, we left behing the double T on Dattatec. "DonWeb can be remembered with much fonectics force and simple, as we like things to be ". Guillermo Tornatore, DonWeb CEO, tells you everything about the change.

    September 23

    Thank to all DonWeb staff and the group Mejora Continua, we achieved a Tri-Standard Integrated Management System: ISO 9001 (Quality); ISO14001 (Enviroment); OHSAS 18001 (Workplace Health and Safety).

    September 14

    Recertification of ISO 9000 and 14001 Standards!

    August 15

    Precertification of OHSAS 18001 Standard


    New EnvialoSimple web. We underwent a complete renewal but keep the same efficiency.

    July 30

    Lanzamiento del nuevo sitio web de SitioSimple.

    July 23

    Our I+D team presented the design of a novel supply source for servers that permits their protection in a smart way if electric supply interruptions take place apart from gaining consumption effectivenes.

    July 9

    LanzamosSitioSimple Club, a DonWeb proposal to gather strength and achieve your growth on the Internet.

    June 26

    We renred the certification "Companies 100%free of smoke ".


    We started with the planification of the new sustentable and intelligent building which will join the existent one.

    March 1st

    Lanzamiento de SitioSimple, un innovador constructor de páginas web online, que permite tener un sitio web con la capacidad de vender en Internet y en sólo 2 minutos.

    February 28

    Running our second DattaCenter called "Mariano Moreno" and with a capacity of 1,600 servers.

    January 18

    New Product. We launched DattaChat, an online chat that allows to break the virtual barrier with visitors of a web site, improving the closing of sales and users' satisfaction.
  • 2012

    December 27

    Our I+D team presented the design of a Reboot board for servers. This development allows to switch a server on and off (through hardware) in a remote way.


    We acquired a piece of land adjacent to DonWeb for erecting a new smart building, with 9 storeys and under the concept of sustainability and minimum environmental impact.


    We became the first company in the world with Antarctic domain. "Dattatec.AQ".


    We introduced a new tool for our clients: "La Barrita 123", an integrated system that made it possible to unify the access to different DonWeb services from the same place.
  • 2011


    DonWeb becomes the only authorized registering entity from Latin America for registering .XXX domains

    September 5

    Our company is certified as "Companies 100% smoke free".

    August 26

    We launched the initiative ProyectoAgua.org with the aim of helping in the solution of the unsafe water problem.


    We renewd the Customers Area used by our users, focusing on the new usability development.

    July 14

    We recertified ISO 9000 and 14001Standards, renewing our commitment with the enviroment and quality.


    We launched Dattamovil, an innovative product at a global level that permits the adjustment of a traditional web site to mobile devices browsers.
  • 2010


    We were acknowledged the "Technology Company of the Year" status by Index Awards 2010.

    September 24

    We certify ISO 14001:2004 for our "Enviroment Management System", which makes us the only company in the sector on accomplishing it.
  • 2009

    July 21

    We develop our own solution cloud computing which allowed us, among other things, to position on one of the first "GREEN IT" companies of the area.

    July 14

    We finished the construction of a new building of 4 florrs. ConoceDonWeb.com
  • 2008

    October 15

    We put online the first edition of DattaMagazine, DonWeb's free online magazine about computing and technology.

    August 26

    We are the first Web Hosting company in Latin America with a Quality Management System certified in all our process, pursuant to the rule IRAM ISO 9001:2000

    August 2

    DonWeb becomes in carrier of the AMIPCI Seal of Trust (Mexican Internet Association).

    March 18

    DonWeb launched the first LATAM Webmasters Guide.

    March 12

    Exchange 2007 is running, adding Ferozo in both platforms.
  • 2007

    December 14

    We became the First and only Registering Entity certified by ICANN in Hispanic America
  • 2006

    August 9, 2006

    Ferozosite the online sites builder is launched in both platforms

    July 17

    We were awarded the Best Exporter Website status by La Nacion, TCA and Banco Galicia

    March 14

    The hosting service on windows platform is lauched

    March 2

    DonWeb became the first company in the field touse electronic invocing.
  • 2004

    We create our own panel of "Ferozo" Web hosting
  • 2002

    We fund Dattatec.com

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