DonWeb y la comunidad

We have several programmes that support the environmental care and social development


Water Project

An easy solution to reply on any part of Latin America.

With this goal in mind, we work in the generation of a water Purification Kit very simple to assemble, using materials that are economical and very easy to find.

You can be a part of it, too. Enter:


Cuenta Cuentos

Reading together

Cuenta Cuentos is a special proposal to share the love of reading with children, teenagers and adults.

Volunteers and coordinatios in Latin America and Spain are part of the program telling stories on orphanages, schools, NGOs, nursing homes, hospitals, and more.

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Internet does not forget

Protecting our identity on internet

We support Mr. Enrique Quagliano, teacher, to give talks at different schools to parents, students and teachers on the risks and benefits of internet.

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Taking care of the world

From 2010, has a certification ISO 14001 for envirtomental management.

In compliance with our compromise of improving the laboral environment at every day, we were awarded the "Empresa Libre de Humo de Tabaco" certification, granted by the Municipality of Rosario.


Free hosting

Technology for everyone

En DonWeb queremos acercar la posibilidad de difundir proyectos a quienes por motivos económicos no pueden acceder a herramientas tecnológicas.

That's why we provide a free hosting to organizations that need it.

Send us your proposal and we'll get back to you.



Other actions of RSE

These are some of the publications of and

Blue Angel

Blue Angel

Donamos el servicio a Ángel Azul, un hogar que brinda cuidado y contención a chicos que por diferentes motivos no pueden contar con su entorno familiar.
Aquí encuentran techo, alimento, educación y sobre todo amor.

Get to know Ángel Azul »

GiraMundo tv

Community Tv

We donate the service to GiraMundo TV, a community, Popular, Horizontal and Participatory television channel from Mendoza.

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Safe water for everyone

Safe water for everyone

On the develoment of the project "The aire and the water", the Section of 5 years enjoyed a talk from Guillermo Tornatore

The idea of telling children about this proposal allows to keep thinking about the compromise to "contribute" for a better world and to take care of the planet altogether.

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book donation to a Mapuche school

Delivery of books in Villa Pehuenia

We gathered a large amount of books and we received school supplies for children. We also took in money which was destined to buy new books and school supplies.

Get to know the travelogue of the trip that took us to this school in our country

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DonWeb acompaña a supports

Desafí, a NGO (located in Netherlands and Rosario, Argentina) works by creating an inclusive society, with equal opportunities of development, fighting poverty from its roots and promoting the involvement of citizens.

Today, they are working with sixty children ranging from 7 to 17 years old that belong to "La Lata" and "Moreno" districts.

Read Completely » está en DonWeb is on

Lucas Pastorino needs a medical treatment due to health problems and Internet has become once more a channel of opportunities for his family to collect the necessary money. has donated the free web hosting to gather the money for their trip to China.

Read Completely » está en DonWeb

Catering "No more, no less"

It is a project created by the Asociación Padres Por La Igualdad Rosario (APPLIR).

APPLIR is a non-profit civil association and its main aim is that disabled young people have social and laboral integration. has donated the free web hosting to spred this project.

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«El Hogar de Raquel» has a new site hosted on

We tell you what we did for Raquel, so she can let the people know about her work from her home and the dedication and effort to carry out her work.

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El Puerto de la Música is on DonWeb

El Puerto de la Música is on DonWeb.

El Puerto de la Música is a distinctive Project for our city. It will be a cultural complex with concert halls, exhibition centres and music schools intended to be a cultural and massive place, open and inclusive.

Read Completely » with Agustin with Agustin.

Agustin is a 14 year old boy that, just like his brothers, suffers an disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy.

It is a well known case, since it has been spreaded to make the society collaborates with this cause.

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Support to the Chilean nation

Support to the Chilean nation.
DonWeb's concrete actions

Due to the publicly known events that have affected a part of Chile, we want to express our solidarity and give them the DonWeb support in such a harsh moment as the one that our sister Chilean nation is going through.
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Culampajá mining children

Culampajá mining children

I like the 4x4 off-road, that feeling of freedom of hard roads almost inaccessible and of looking back and seeing the earth that the pick up track raises mixed up with the intense blue shades of the sky.
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Fede is already travelling the world

Fede is already travelling the world.

Fede Pomeraniec travelled the world on his Kawasaki.
We tell you the story of a luthier from Buenos Aires, who decided to jump on his motocycle to travel the world, conquer cities, meet new people, landscapes, cultures and share his dream with millon of readers all over the Planet.
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Our people need us more than ever

Our people need us more than ever.

In March, we will be doing a 4×4 solidarity trip to the mines of Culampajá (Catamarca). The main reason of the trip is that people from the region have unfulfilled basic needs and lack of attention and care.
Read Completely » with Aprodiar

Diabetic protection association in Argentina.

Francisco Carlos Baran is a person with diabetes since he was 8 years-old, and created a web site to set up a meeting pleace for those who carries the same illness. has donated the free web hosting to this association.

Get to know AProDiAr » with IVANA

Same life for the children and the elderly.

IVANA is an organization seeking to create better social conditions promoting laboral activity of disabled people of any age and of older adults. has donated the free web hosting to this organization.

Get to know IVANA » with Fundación Cruz Alta

There is no utopia if we all help.

Fundacion Cruz Alta is an organization which promotes the social, educational, cultural, health and enviromental development of the community. has donated the free web hosting to this organization.

Get to know Fundación Cruz Alta » with Individualidar

Tribute to Individuality.

Individualidar is a non-profit organization that aspires to develop and spread through culture, education and solidarity the socio-cultural Movement has donated the free web hosting to this organization.

Get to know Individualidar » with UnSueñoPosible

A possible dream.

Proyecto sin fines de lucro el cual junta donaciones para escuelas de Misiones que cuentan con problemas económicos, estructurales y edilicios. has donated the free web hosting to this organization.

Get to know UnSueñoPosible »


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