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Pack Amigo is the most complete pack of open-source applications prepared so you can install them in a quick and simple way.

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CMS (Contents Management)



CMS is used for creating dynamic websites and has a great variety of functions. With Drupal is possible to add a personal or professional blog, a corporate portal, a virtual store, a social network, and more.

It is one of the most popular and used Blogs.
Based on the standards and the use of the site, it let you create a blog in some minutes and without any programming knowledge.

It is one of the most poweful CMS and the most popular between webmasters around the world. It is complete, easy to use and the administrative interface is likeable and intuitive. You can change the design through numerous templates.


Forus system where the visitors can leave their comments about a specific topic. It has a very friendly interface and it is totally configurable through a powerful management panel. It is the most popular application of its gender.


Es el sistema de e-commerce Open Source más popular. Te permitirá crear tu tienda en línea en cuestión de minutos. Maneja múltiples monedas, idiomas, métodos de envío y puede incorporárse distintos módulos que amplían su capacidad (Ej: sistemas de pago).


Learning platform and open-source grouware. It allows houndreds of institutions around the world (universities, schools, associations, companies, etc) to create and manage curses and collaboration spaces on line.


Piwig is an album gallery and with it you can organize and share your photos.
It has a great amount of functions, customizable themes and options on its panel. It is written in PHP and requires a data base MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite.


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