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Remote Access with DDNS
What are the DNS?

What are exactly the DNS?

DNS (Sistema de Nombre de Dominios) es algo similar a un directorio telefónico online, al cual podemos consultar por el nombre de un dominio (ej: pchogar.donweb-homeip.net) devolviéndonos la dirección IP (ej: asociada.

Thanks to this system, we can use a quick and easy to remeber reference to have acces to different online services and devices connected to the Internet, instead of memorizing IP directions.

Dynamic DDNS DNS

DDNS What are they and what is its use?

The DDNS (Dynamic DNS ) are also similar to an online telephone directory but in this case IPs associated with a domain change at certain intervals.

Small applications called Automatic Client Update together with the DDNS, make us possible to remotely acces to devices and files connected to Internet and located in our house, offce, etc.

The most common use of DDNS is the remote access to IP cameras, DVRs, NAS, routers, computers, tablets, smartphones y any other device connected to the Internet.

DDNS Automatic Client Update

Automatic IP Update

If you have a deposit at your house with a client of Automatic Update installed and you wish to acces to it remotely, you will need a hostname (ej: mynotebook.donweb-homeip.net) an as soon as the Internt supplier on your house change the assigned IP, the Automatic Update Clint will be in charge of synchronizing the hostname with the new IP.

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