Tu Radio en Internet

Control Panel Centova
AutoDJ + Space

  • Up to25simultaneouslisteners

    • HI-FI 128 kbps
    • 150 mb + AutoDJ
    • Up to50simultaneouslisteners

      • HI-FI 128 kbps
      • 500 mb + AutoDJ
      • Up to100simultaneouslisteners

        • HI-FI 128 kbps
        • 2 gb + AutoDJ
        • Up to200simultaneouslisteners

          • HI-FI 128 kbps
          • 5 gb + AutoDJ
          • Up to500simultaneouslisteners

            • HI-FI 128 kbps
            • 10 gb + AutoDJ

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                The quickest and most simple way to have your radio in the internet.

                With DattaRadio you are able to transmit, through internet, music, interviews, programmes, events and all the audio that you may occur.
                The only think that you will need to reach your listeners is a PC/Mac/Linux with internet connection.

                You install simple applications and start to transmit your contents.
                DattaRadio Serves
                Could Streaming
                The server distributes your radio through the internet.
                ListenersListeners connect and listen to your radio from any part of the world.

                Click on your favorite player and start listening how your radio will sound on the Internet.

                Power your range with an online radio.

                • 128kbps quality

                  The best sound quality.

                  DattaRadio allows you to transmit on Hi-Fi quality up to stereo 128kbps (similar to a CD quality). In addition, you can use audio mp3PRO and aacPlus formats to a higher queality and with the same connectivity.

                • Control Panel Shoutcast Centova Cast

                  Complete Control Panel.

                  You have a complete panel control to manage your streaming service. DattaRadio uses Centova Cast, the best panel of Shoutcast of the market. Learn about details from here.

                • Statistics of listeners in real time.

                  Statistics of historical listeners in real time.

                  From your panel you will have access to the most complete information about the activity of your listeners: geographic location, player in use, time connected and more.

                • AutoDJ - Radio automation

                  AutoDJ. Online radio automation system.

                  Apart from broadcasting live, DattaRadio allows you to upload audio archives to the server and create, from the panel, automatic and programmable reproduction lists.

                • Players, browsers and mobiles

                  Multiple applications and devices to listen to you.

                  Your listeners will be able to listen to you from any location from: PC/Mac/Linux, browser, mobile device, tablet, iPod, videogames console, Smart TV, and more.

                • Flash Player Shoutcast

                  Integration with your web site .

                  We provide you developed players on flash or Javascript so your site's visitors can listen to you. You will also have Widgets to show them what's playing on that moment and other useful information.


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                Multiple payment methods and currency of your country.

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