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Morgan Stanley's Mobile Internet Report

By the end of 2013, mobile internet users will outnumber the internet user which access from their PCs, notebooks and netbooks.

Morgan Stanley Research (See complete report)


Do not lose the opportunity of being there,
just where your clients want to find you.

Mobile devices allow people to have access to your business information at any time and in any place. The problem is that most of the sites are not prepared for these devices and do not have the functionalities that their users really require.
DattaMóvil automatically generates a site that adapts itself to the technical specifications of each mobile device and that has the key functionalities for users to browse through these devices.


Mobile devices users...

  • they need to know the addresses of your store and how to reach it from the place where they are.
  • use your principal domain instead of long URL directions, complicated and uneasy to remember.
  • look for a moment and a relaxed backgorund to be updated with your news.
  • they want, at this moment, a phone number to call you from their mobiles.
  • wish to learn more about your products at any time and place.
  • want to take a look at your site without being constantly scrolling the screen everywhere.
  • cannot bear to wait for the download of a site that is NOT optimized for mobile connections.
  • they want to find the information quickly, with the minimum amount of clicks.

DattaMóvil is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to offer your clients a version of your web site that can be adaptable to mobiles and their users..

DattaMóvil makes your Mobile Stie really transparent for you, available only in a few minutes and effortlessly. The only thing you need to do is to have a Mobile Site on and activate DattaMovil for this site.


¿Cómo funcionaDattaMóvil?

When a visitor browses through your domain from a mobile device, he or she accesses to a version of your site specially adapted for mobile devices. On the contrary, the visitor sees your web site as it is habitual from a desktop, notebook, etc.

DattaMóvil decides, in an automatic and transparent way, which version of the site is shown to the visitor.

You can modify the information appearing in the mobile version at any time through a very simple to use interface.


The solution for having your mobile site right now...

  • Running completely transparent

    Running transparently.

    Your mobile visitors won't need to know a special URL direction to access to your mobile site. DattaMovil identifies automatically the divice of the visitor and directs it to the most accurate site.

  • Without doing almost nothing

    Without setups or modifications.

    To have a mobile site, you don't need to install or change anything on your current site. You don't even need to have knowledge on programming or design to modify your mobile site.

  • Your mobile stie on the spot

    Your mobile stie "on the spot".

    During the activation of your service, your mobile site will pre-charge information extracted from your Non Mobile site, getting it ready to be visited immediately.

  • A low-cost solution.

    A low-cost solution.

    DattaMóvil allows you to have a web site adapted to the different mobile devices, almost "in the spot" and at a an incomparable price.

  • Optimization for mobile networks

    Optimization for mobile networks.

    The current mobile networks do not yet have the speed of those of broadband. DattaMóvil generates an optimized site for mobile users to have a quicker access to your information.

  • Contents adapted to mobile users

    Contents adapted to mobile users.

    Mobile visitors have different needs to those who visit your Not Mobile site. The contents and functionality of your mobile site are carefully adapted to these needs.

  • Colors and visual style to choose

    Colors and visual style to choose.

    Through a panel that is very simple to use and with no need to know programming or design, you will be able to modify colours and styles in your mobile site quickly and at any time.

  • Integration with Google Analytics

    Integration with Google Analytics.

    Measuring and understanding what the visitors do in your site is very important. That is why DattaMóvil permits the use of Google Analytics in your mobile site, even when using a profile different to that one of the Not Mobile site.


...and with the content that a mobile user really needs.

  • Take benefit from Geolocalization


    Mobile users wish to know how to find your office or store. With DattaMóvil, they can make the most of all the power of geolocalization in their mobile devices to find you quicker.

  • Horario de Atención

    Customer Service Hours.

    Your mobile visitors will be able to be learn about the customer service hours and whether your store or office is open, in a quick glance.

  • Contact Form

    Contact Form.

    Your clients and potential clients can contact you at any time and place thanks to the form on your mobile site.

  • Booking Request

    Booking Request.

    Do you own a restaurant, a hotel or any service which requires reservation? DattaMovil allows your visitors to send you their reservation form from their mobile devices.

  • A call on the spot

    Call now.

    Something that mobile users do is to enter your site in order to find a telephone number to phone you. Apart from showing them to you very quickly, DattaMóvil will open them to you in the dialer of the equipment.

  • Porducts and services portfolio

    Products and services portfolio.

    DattaMóvil provides your visitors the chance to learn about your produtcs an services without being on your store or office in person, or in front of a PC. DattaMóvil will help you to sell more!

  • Institutional information

    Institutional information.

    Providing information is highly important to generate the necessary confidence to turn a visitor into a client. DattaMovil makes your information available for mobile users.

  • Image gallery

    Image gallery.

    Upload pictures of your products, events, services, institutionals, and more with a gallery easy to use and totally adapted for mobile devices.

  • Phonecall request

    Phonecall request

    Do not lose a potential client for having your telephone line busy. Allow your visitors to leave their telephone number for calling them back later.

  • Tell-a-friend System

    Tell a friend.

    Generate more traffic by offering your visitors the chance to recommend your site to friends, relatives and colleagues.

  • Your Social Networks profile.

    Your Social Networks profile.

    Take benefit from all the power of social networks also in your mobile site. Public your Twitter and Facebook profiles or your Youtube channel and prepare yourself to gain more followers.

  • Blog and RSS Feed News

    Blog and RSS Feed News.

    Mobile users wish to know your news at any time and in any place. DattaMóvil allows you to copy your Blog or Feed RSS information to your mobile site automatically.


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